Thursday, 5 March 2009

Nike Air Yeezy

These are due to release early April, and im still in two minds whether to purchase a pair. Well the upside is, the design, elements of the shoe taken from the Air Assault and Jordan 3. Kanye worked closely with Mark Smith from Nike to create a modern classic. All the re-relesing of old shoes, the retro fad is great, but often Nike change certain original details which for me spoils the retro, and the shoe completely.
The Yeezy is a Hybrid concept, harmonising the old with new, with great attentive detailing and quality of fabric. So im pretty sure the price will be touching £130 which for a shoe of this kind is acceptable, but not when you hardly wear the bulky models anymore.

“I’ve been designing Nike’s in my sketch pad since the fourth grade. So to say I’ve been prepared for this would be an understatement. The really fun and challenging part for me was learning about Nike’s design process, learning more about fabrics and functions and colorways, and all of the details that go into designing a shoe of this quality.” says Kanye

Haven't all us creative minded shoe enthusiasts. I remeber sketching up a pair, annotated telling you where various parts of the shoe were. They had everything on them!! Pump, Hexalite, ERS, Torsion and dont forget the AIR BUBBLE!!! Obviously they ended having the swoosh on them!

For UK buyers these will be Quickstrike. SIZE? will be stocking these.

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