Thursday, 12 March 2009

End Of The Beginning- Second Garment

Garment that has next been produced with surgical care and skill is the BlazerHood. A collaboration with bespoke hoodie makers House of Billiam.

A personal take on their philosophy of making hooded garments with traditional suit fabrics of your choice. I emphasised the suit aspects and also added detachable accecories, seen here made in calico, experiment material. The final piece will be made from Black Nappa leather, Grey lightweight Tweed as it is reversible the lining will be a printed fabric will remain a mystery until the final one is made!!

Bet the suspense is killing you!

"All Good in the Hood"


KickStar said...

wow this looks really good props to the artist

*Super Star Sumz* said...

I too have a H.O.B jacket and eagerly await seeing the finished product!